Session #1 Starts January 2nd Ends February 9th (6 weeks)

Session #2 Starts February 11th Ends March 23rd (6 weeks)

Session #3 Starts March 25th Ends May 11th (6 weeks)

Session #4 Starts May 13th Ends June 26th (6weeks)

Session #5 Starts June 27th Ends August 24th (8 weeks)

Session #6 Starts September 3rd Ends October 26th (8 weeks)

Session #7 Starts October 28th Ends December 11th (6 weeks)

Basic Swim Lessons

1/2 Hours Class
2 Time Per Week
6 Week Session $180
8 Week Session $240

Multiple Child Discounts Offered.

Swimming lessons for the whole family starting at 6 months & covering all levels up To advance aquatic skills.

Monday & Thursdays
Tuesday & Friday
Wednesday & Saturday (am)

CLOSED in 2019 on the following dates:

April 21st - April 28th
May 23rd - May 27th
July 4th - July 7th 
August 25th - Sept 2nd
Nov 28th  - Dec 1st
Dec 12th -  Jan 1st