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All session dates and registration dates are subject to change. Please check the website often or call prior to confirm the registration process and procedure.

Six-week course is $200
Seven-week course is $235
Eight-week course is $265

2022 Session and Registration Schedule

Session #1 January 3rd - February 12th

Session #2 February 21st - April 2nd * Registration is January 22nd

Session #3 April 12th - May 21st *Registration is March 12th

Session #4 May 23rd - June 25th *Registration is April 30th *5 Week Session

Session #5 July 5th - August27th* Registration is June 4th

Session #6 September 12th - October 22nd * Registration is August 6th

Session #7 October 31st - December 14th *Registration is October 1st