About Creative Connections

About Creative Connections

Creative Connections is an exciting studio program for young artists of all abilities. Students paint, draw, sculpt, imagine, and explore using a wide variety of art materials and techniques in a safe and inspiring atmosphere.

Creative Connections unique and proven method was developed by master artist and educator Jamie Madden. For over 25 years, Professor Madden has developed top quality classroom experiences that are fun, engaging, educational, and affordable.

Quality of instruction is the core characteristic of our program. Each student is given individual attention, and special care, providing a supportive environment where talent enthusiastically develops. Classes are small in size and are limited to only 6-10 students.

Art vocabulary and art history are introduced as a part of every lesson. A wide range of high quality, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials are included. Unlock your child's potential with the Power of Art at Creative Connections. Call Creative Connections at 732-288-9277. Stop by today to secure your child's spot in one of our classes by paying in full. Check or cash only. Please make checks out to Pied Piper Swim School.

Studio Classes for Preschool to Adults

Canvas Paint Parties, Craft Classes

Creative Connections Art combines a variety of art materials in fun and creative ways for an exciting experience. Students will work with different types of paint, pastels, drawing, mixed media, and sculpture materials. Exploration and creativity are encouraged! Art vocabulary and art history will be introduced as a part of each lesson.

1 Hour Classes Held Once A Week
$120 for 6 Week Sessions
$160 for 8 Weeks Sessions
Prices include ALL the Art Supplies needed!
Canvas Classes Additional $20

Starting Dates For 2019

Session #1 Starts January 3rd _______________________Ends February 9th (6 weeks)

Session #2 Starts February 14th______________________Ends March 23rd (6 weeks)

Session #3 Starts March 25th ___________________________Ends May 11th (6 weeks)

Session #4 Starts May 16th ___________________________Ends June 22nd (6weeks)

Session #5 Starts July 1st ___________________________Ends August 24th (8 weeks)

Session #6 Starts September 5th______________________Ends October 26th (8 weeks)

Session #7 Starts October 31st_______________________Ends December 14th (6 weeks)

Summer Art Classes

Starts July 1st _______________________Ends August 24th

CLOSED in 2019 on the following dates:

April 19th - April 27th
June 23rd - June 30rd
August 25th - September 2nd
November 28th - November 30th