Indoor pools and art studios have recently been given the ok to open up and run in accordance with new rules and guidelines. However, at this time we feel it is not in the best interest of our family, students & their families to do so. The health of everyone who walks through our doors is a priority of ours. That being said, our tentative plan is to be able to reopen August 31st and run our normal 8-week fall session as it was scheduled.

FOR OUR SWIM CUSTOMERS: Priority enrollment will be given to all customers that paid for Session #3. All those customers will be contacted directly by us for scheduling.

We will announce an open registration date by the end of July for all other enrollment for both swim and art.

Again, this is our current plan and obviously can be altered or changed based on the rules, regulations, and shut down restrictions set in place at that time.

We miss you all and look forward to being back in the pool and creating art with you all soon!

Bob, Lori, Jenn and Ms. Madden

Introduce Your Child to the Beauty of Art

Introduce Your Child to the Beauty of Art

Let your son or daughter's imagination soar

In today's world, children can use iPads before they can write full sentences. While technology has brought great things to our society, we believe that children need to learn to step away from their electronics every now and then. Our Creative Connections program is focused on helping children ignite a love for creation and exploration through art.

Our students paint, draw and sculpt their way through exciting projects at Pied Piper Swim School. They'll experience sunsets while blending colors and learn about famous artists of days past while completing wood paintings. They'll learn to pay attention to and appreciate the world around them in a new light.

Our classes are small, only consisting of 6 to 10 students, to ensure that each child receives personal attention. Your son or daughter will enter a supportive environment where their passion for creativity can develop. No one is considered a failure in our program. Kids can learn to think and express themselves to their hearts' content, without fear of judgement. Plus, they'll learn the value of working hard to finish a project.

Stop by today to secure your child's spot in one of our classes. We ask that you pay in full by check or cash only. Please make checks out to Pied Piper Swim School.

Unlock the possibilities of artistic expression

Our unique and proven method was developed by master artist and educator Jamie Madden. For over 25 years, Professor Madden has developed classroom experiences that are fun, engaging, educational and affordable. Each lesson will introduce exciting concepts from art history and art vocabulary. Your child's imagination will flourish while they build a lifelong love for learning.

Foster your child's curiosity-call Pied Piper Swim School at 732-288-9292. A wide range of top-quality, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials are included.

1 Hour Classes Held Once A Week
$120 for 6 Week Sessions
$160 for 8 Weeks Sessions
Prices include ALL the Art Supplies needed!
Canvas Classes Additional $20

Starting Dates For 2019

Session #6 Starts September 5th______________________Ends October 26th (8 weeks)

Session #7 Starts October 31st_______________________Ends December 14th (6 weeks)

Starting Dates For 2020

Session #1 Starts January 2nd _______________________Ends February 8th (6 weeks)

Session #2 Starts February 13th______________________Ends March 21st (6 weeks)

Session #3 Starts March 26th ___________________________Ends May 9th (6 weeks)

Session #4 Starts May 14th ___________________________Ends June 20th (6weeks)

Session #5 Starts June 29th ___________________________Ends August 19th (8 weeks)

Session #6 Starts September 3rd______________________Ends October 24th (8 weeks)

Session #7 Starts October 29th_______________________Ends December 12th (6 weeks)

CLOSED in 2019 on the following dates:

April 19th - April 27th
June 23rd - June 30rd
August 25th - September 2nd
November 28th - November 30th

CLOSED in 2020 on the following dates:

April 9th - April 12th
May 21st - May 23rd
June 21st - June 28th
August 20th - September 2nd
November 26th - November 29th
December 13th - June 6th, 2021