Q: What is your pool temperature? Why does that matter?

A. Our pool temperature is kept at 85 degrees and our poolside air temperature is kept at 86 degrees all year long. The ideal water temperature for indoor pool lessons for children is between 82 degrees and 86 degrees. Although higher temperatures may feel wonderful for an adult, it is not the safest choice for young children as they can quickly overheat.

Q. Who teaches the classes?

A. Being a family run business, all of our classes are taught by Bob and Lori, the owners of the facility. If any situation arises that a substitute is needed, then Jenn, the daughter of the owners will teach.

Q. Are the instructors certified?

A. Yes! All the instructors, including our sub, are certified. We all hold American Red Cross certifications in WSI (water safety instructor) Lifeguarding, CPR & First Aid.

Q. What age can I start my child in lessons?

A. In following the American Red Cross safety suggestions, we do not take enrollment for children younger than 6 months old.

Q. Why don't you offer classes 1x a week?

A. While we understand schedules are tricky for parents to figure out, we have found that our twice a week class format provides the level of consistency the children need to progress efficiently.

Q. Why can't my child wear goggles for class?

A. Many children do not like the water near their eyes and so goggles seem like the best solution. At home or playing in a pool, it's perfectly fine to do so but we believe that it is our job here to teach them what to do if they do not have goggles. We want them to be safe and comfortable with knowing what to do and how to handle water in their eyes if they happen to be in a situation where the goggles fall off unexpectedly.

Q. Is your pool salt water?

A. Yes, our pool is a saltwater pool although being a saltwater pool does not mean there is no chlorine in it. Obviously there has to be some chlorine to maintain a level of hygienic safety. The needed chlorine for proper sanitation is provided from the salt in the pool and an electronic cell called the chlorine generator.